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    DAYSTARBRAND – Art Prints
    Detroit Eastern Market  – Fine Art Print Series

    eastern market painting by ike austin


    Flower Day Detroit Eastern Market
    Flower Carts – Photo by Ike Austin

    Fine Art Reproductions

    Art Prints 8 x 10
    Unframed or Framed
    Free Screen Saver included

    Contact Info: iaustin@daystarbooks.com

    Capture the Spirit of Flower Day
    I created the Detroit Eastern Market fine art series to capture the unique landscape of bustling flower lovers and this historical landmark. These prints are created as a tribute to the iconic Farmers Market. To bring the atmosphere of the market to your home and keep you in the Eastern Market mood all year long.

    Flower Day Eastern Market 2 Photo by Ike Austin


    These array of  Eastern Market fine prints will make a nice gift to any flower lover’s home.

    Flower Day WaterColor Series - Photo by Ike Austin


    About the Artist –
    My first visit to the Eastern Market was on Flower Day, over 55 years ago. It was early in the morning and very cool. Just before the crack of dawn, the place was already bustling with activity and the atmosphere was filled with the chatter of market patriots & rumblings of many transportation vehicles. The background noises created a cacophony of sounds that would become the unique voice of the Eastern Market.  Since that time, I have been under the magical spell of the 150-year-old historic farmers market. At the beginning of every summer, the market calls out to me… “come and visit Flower Day is near.”


    About the Fine Art Prints

    The Paper
    Because Paper can greatly influence the appearance of the print;

    DAYSTAR BRAND Fine Art Reproductions

    The photograph art is professionally printed on MOAB acid-free archival paper; fine art paper with a water-resistant vellum surface. It is made from 100% cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free. I use only CERTIFIED Giclee printers. Giclee prints will not yellow or fade over time.

    All substrate paper sources meet’s archival standards set by Fine Art Trade Guilds for pH and acid content and light fastness; you are assured of receiving the highest quality you are paying for.

    Protective Coating

    Additionally, each print is sprayed with a MOAB protective coating, preventing scratches, fingerprints, scuffing. MOAB is designed to help eliminate these threats while enhancing the surface of the paper.

    DAYSTAR BRAND Fine Art Reproductions


    PRINT SIZE 8 x 10
    COST $60

    DAYSTARBRAND Flower-Day-Eastern-Market-Photo-by-Ike-Austin


    8×10 $165.00


    The gift version of the print is framed in your choice of old world dark wood, or off-white hardwood.


    These gift versions of the print are packaged as follows; this fine print is protected and matted, sleeved, set/float inside convoluted foam to hold your artwork in place, placed inside a box ensuring that your photo art will arrive safely. Prints shipped with 350lb protective cardboard.

    DAYSTARBRAND Flower-Day-Eastern-Market-Photo-by-Ike-Austin

    3 – 5 business days.


    Your Choice $60


    DayStarBrand of DayStarBooks
    Contact Info: iaustin@daystarbooks.com

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    DETROIT, Mich., May , 2017 — DayStar Books has launched a new website and companion eBook offering lesser known tips and techniques to consumers on factors affecting gardening prices entitled “Eastern Market Flower Deals.”


    Visit the new site at: http://eastern-market-flower-deals.daystarbooks.com/.

    Garden Plant Prices Rise – Plant Count Is Reduced!

    For the past forty years the greenhouse grower industry has been slowly downsizing the garden flat. Originally, a flat of bedding plants contained a total of 96 plants. Over time that plant count slowly reduced from 96 plants down to 54 plants per flat. Years following a steady decline continued from 48 to 36 plants—flat sizes vary across the state.

    Today most flats contain from 12 to 24 plants. It is common to find a measly six 4-inch pots priced at $10-12. Compare that to forty years ago, a flat of 96 plants cost $6.
    infographic flower prices statistically speaking by ike austin

    Graphically Speaking: Infographic illustrates the relationship between rising bedding plant prices & reduced plant count over the years (source: EMFBG).


    The information is of great benefit to readers of news outlets with a home and gardening related readership. Experienced gardeners, especially young new home owners, and consumers can benefit from this knowledge.

    The information found on the new website will be the solution to give consumers the know-how to purchase premium garden flowers, at reduced prices at the Eastern Market. Additionally, consumers can apply the several tips and techniques at Big Box Stores, Roadside Flower Stands, and Greenhouses.

    Readers can download the companion eBook containing all 17 tips here: http://eastern-market-flower-deals.daystarbooks.com/signup.html.

    About the Author:

    I am Ike Austin. My first visit to “The Eastern Market” was 55 years ago. Over the years I have observed amazing flower deals and buying techniques from some of the markets oldest patriots. To enhance garden flowers enjoyment & experience, I built a website around the 126 year old Historic Eastern Market flower and garden phenomenon.

    Readers will learn how to: a) get better garden flower deals; b) enjoy the ambience of the Eastern Market; and c) gain advance knowledge on new cultivars and the horticultural industry as it impacts consumer gardening experience.

    Ike Austin writes under the pen name Adrian Arden and is the publisher of DayStar Books. Learn more at: http://daystarbooks.com/.

    Connect on social media:

    Facebook Page: Visit the Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/Detroit-Eastern-Market-Flower-Day-Deals-852734824791898/

    Flower Day Video – Facebook: View EM Videohttps://www.facebook.com/852734824791898/videos/1327920707273305/