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    7 Step Organic Gardening for Beginners – Seed Germination

    Here are a few steps for the beginning gardener to help get them started…

    Seed Germination

    Seed Germination

    Step One – Germination

    STARTING FROM SEED: Get a 2-3 months head start on the growing season by germinating seeds indoors while it is still cold outdoors. When it is time for planting, you have a jump-start by planting seedling plants vs starting from seeds. You can cut your planting by as much as two months.

    TIP: Use fine well aerated growing medium.

    TIP: You can also water seeds from the bottom by soaking in larger tray of water.

    A seed needs three things to grow…

    Three Things a Seed Needs

    KEEP CONSTANT: It’s easy to start seeds:

    a. Keep at constant 70 Degrees

    b. Hang pair fluorescent lights overhead.

    c. Keep soil moist; prevent roots from drying out

    TIP: Use a spray bottle to mist on the soil.

    TIP: 1 Cool White, 1 Warm White tube from hardware store.

    TIP: Set lights on automatic timer to turn on & off.

    TIP: If seeds get to little light, they will stretch; maintain lights 2-3” above plants.

    It won’t take long, before seedlings sprout leaves 3-4 days.

    Seedling in 3-6 Weeks

    FAST GROWING: Baby leaves will appear in a couple of weeks. A typical tomato plant can grow about an eight of an inch each day.

    What is hardening off?

    Taking the mystery out of one of the most confusing steps in the seed germination process.

    ACCLIMATE: A “Hardening off” process will acclimate the young seedlings from their ideal indoor growing conditions, for the more unpredictable harsh outdoor weather. Too much direct sun, can burn the young leaves, cold temperature, and wind, can stunt the growth of the plant, too much water, and plants can suffer root rot, or get washed away.


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