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    Eastern Market Christmas Trees – 1000 Shades of Green

    Wreaths, Greens, Garland and Trees

    Eastern Market Christmas Trees

    The Trees of Christmas

    Norway Spruce, White Spruce,
    Colorado Blue & Serbian Spruce,

    White Pine, Scotch Pine
    Virginia Pine & Eastern White Pine

    Canaan Fir & Concolor Fir
    White Fir, Grand Fir
    Noble Fir, Fraser Fir
    Douglas Fir & Balsam Fir,

    Leyland Cypress & Arizona Cypress,
    Red Cedar & Carolina Sapphire,

    An abundance of trees,
    In a myriad of green hues–
    varieties of lighter & darker.
    It’s the greenest time of winter!


    Eastern Market Detroit Michigan will go “BOOM” with the color Green. There will be… A thousand shades of green trees. All different shades, all different green colors: Albanian Winter Green, Forest Mountain Green, Enticing bright dark Greens. Green trees in every complexion, Green trees in every iridescence. There will be Eastern White Pines and White Spruce, Green Firs, Green Norway Spruce, Green Noble Firs short and tall. Green Serbian Spruce, Green Virginia Pine, Green White Fir, Green Cosmos, Green Silene, Green Scotch Pine, Green Colorado Blue Spruce. Green Balsam Fir, Green Douglas Fir, Green Fraser Fir, Green Arizona Cypress, Green Eastern Red cedar, Green Carolina Sapphire, in shades and shadows of many green hues. From Eastern Market…to your home for the holiday season.

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    Happy Holiday’s–Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide.


    Eastern Market Detroit

    Eastern Market Detroit Christmas Trees

    Happy Holiday’s – Watch Eastern Market Detroit Video From Facebook