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    Eastern Market Michigan

    Eastern Market Michigan – 1000 Shades of Pink

    Eastern Market Michigan

    Eastern Market Michigan


    The Eastern Market Michigan and the color Pink – There will be a thousand colors of  Pink of flowers in every color and every shade. Gardeners and Flowers lovers everywhere, come one, come all, small, big, and tall. Come in cars, station wagons, and trucks, vans. The color Pink will be in full bloom at the Eastern Market Michigan again this year. Large blooms of roses, double and single, hanging from racks, carts, everything in between. Hanging baskets in every hue of Pink; light Pink, Anemone Pink, Bella Cherry Pink, Haute Pink, a Pink for every gardener. In many shades of many sizes, Eastern Market Michigan will be in full bloom again this year – Flower Day is one week after Mother’s Day.


    You will always find the biggest, largest, and colorful Pink flowers. Eastern Market Michigan will “boom” and go “bloom” in Pink. Heartfelt Summer Pink, Cora Bells Pink, Enticing bright Pink; Pink flowers in every shade, Pink flowers in every hue. There will be Pink asters, Pink petunias, Pink Tulips, Pink Snap Dragons short and tall, Pink Impatiens, Eastern Market Michigan will make Eastern Market downtown look like a sea of  shades of Pink. From Pink baskets to Pink flats, Pink running vines of JuneHue Pink, Pink Geraniums all looking so bright. Carts of Pink, racks of Pink, wagons of Pink on Pink, in Pink!


    In the morning, noon, or evenings, you can walk into the color Pink. Hoards of flowers, billowing from trucks, stuffed in trucks and racks, flowing from ramps into the streets, lining the walkways. The fresh morning air fills the market atmosphere, the edge of morning will welcome the color Pink, oh what a beautiful color of high noon, matching the color of Pink. The animated many shades of Pink being carted by hoards of flower buyers; Tulips of Pink, or Begonia shades of Pink. Or, is it closer in shade to the Tanager Pink, the light color of Valentine-summer Pink or JuneBerry Pink? From May through June, morning, noon, or evening, you can find any shade of Pink among the bounty of Eastern Market Michigan.


    You can find your favorite color, shade, and hue of Pink Roses, at Eastern Market Michigan .

    Detroit Eastern Market

    Useful Facts

       Daily – Summer
       Wholesale/Commercial – Early mornings 2 – 6AM
       Consumer 7AM – 7PM
       Saturday Nursery, Garden Flower Sales—hundreds of farmers
       Downtown Detroit
       East of I-75, South of Mack Ave, North of Gratiot
       East of Tigers Stadium (Across the bridge)
    Map-Detroit Eastern Market
    Detroit Eastern Market Age:
    Established: 1891
    Detroit Eastern Market Size
    The market size is estimated between 40 & 45 acres of bustling buying & selling grounds, apprx 12-14 acres under sheds & display.
    Flowering Bedding & Vegetable Garden Plants
       Flats, Hanging Baskets, Pots,
       Perennials, and Annuals
    New Cultivars – This Year
    • Lavender Blue. It’s a robust, sturdy with light pink blooms.
    • Lavender Rose, which has rich, bright dark pink flowers.
    • Salmon Night—This Geranium has salmon colored pedals and dark foliage; nearly black. The leaves are variegated, thin, and outlining the dark center.

    Look for new varieties of ivy Geraniums; trailing vines that climb out of the pots and hanging baskets.

    Largest Blooming Geraniums

    Double Bloom Geranium
    This evergreen aromatic biennial is the largest geranium in the world. Leaves can grow to 40cm across! Pink pedals.

    Geranium Martha Washington
    These geraniums produce the largest flowers of all the geranium types.

     Geranium Roxanne
     Is one of the largest flowers of the blue varieties.

    Eastern Market Flower Day Main Event
       Flower Day – One week after Flower Day
    Statistically Speaking – Flower Season
       Vendor / Farmer Stalls – 150-200
    Attendees / Visitors
    • Flower Day – Estimated – 200,000-250,000
    • Saturday Visitors – 30-000-50,000
    Traffic / Crowds
    • Heaviest during mornings, 7:00AM – Noon

    Market Characteristics:
    Over 200,000 thousand quick, jittery, some fast walking, other slow walk , then pause and a look down in hypnotic trance.  The Eastern Market is a fast or slow environment.

    The Michigan Detroit Eastern Market is lined with old breakfast restaurants, and specialty shops.

    Inventory Availability – Top 20
    List all flowers here (common names – scientific)
    Gerbera Daisies
    Bearded Togue
    Blackened Susan
    Blue Speedwell
    Purple Cone Flower
     Parking – Free (Everywhere)
    •     Structure
    •     Streets
    There are ample parking lots, and structures, you can park anywhere that does not obstruct traffic (police turns a blind eye:) A typical 3 – 5 minute wait is all the patients you need to garner a prime parking spot.

    Flower Buyers Guide

    First Edition

    detroit eastern market flower buyers guide

    View on Amazon’s website; get the Flower Buyers Guide eBook here.
    Visit the Facebook page Detroit: Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide.
    Detroit Eastern Market: Latest Detroit Eastern Market update.