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    Flower Buyers Guide – Get Annuals & Gardening Plants for Less (EMFBG)

    30 Year Guru Reveals Flower Buying Secrets

    Shoppers that are pre-armed with the right bargaining knowledge, can purchase premium, top of the line flowers, and plants at greatly reduced prices.

    These Techniques can be applied at Eastern Markets, Roadside Flower Stands, Greenhouses, etc.

    Ultimate Flower Buyers Guide

    The Ultimate Flower Buyers Guide
    Annuals, Perennials Plants, Bargains, Deals, and Discounts

    Detroit Eastern Market Buyers Guide – Save Big!

    Flower Savings Tip 1:

    Bargains, Deals, Discounts Tip 1 Commercial Greenhouse Growers
    “Cancellations”! This word is one of the most dreaded phone calls a commercial greenhouse grower wants to hear from one of its business accounts. Commercial accounts may have a sudden need to reduce their summer delivery of flower orders for a variety of unpredictable reasons; a commercial landscaper cancelled order, huge wedding order of annuals cancelled, large retailer or high volume fruit market suddenly need to reduce their order of flats.

    The greenhouse grower is now stuck with excess bedding plant inventory which I have seen numbered in the vicinity of several thousand units on occasion. Not junk or reject flats, or damaged goods; but, premium healthy beautiful wax leaf begonias, impatiens, and other annuals. I have had the privilege to take full advantage of their misfortune; however, we were both happy to benefit one another (I got healthy flats cheap, the grower is relieved to recoup some of their money).

    What to Look For
    Try to spot a truck or farmer that has a great multitude of one particular variety of bedding plants like 1000s of Begonias.

    How to Approach
    It is better to have a van or a small truck when driving around bargain hunting driving the Eastern Market early in the morning (4-5AM; this tells potential wholesalers and growers that you mean business. Get in the mindset of bulk buying VS going to retail stores. Be ready to plunk down $100, $200, 300 for 40-50 flats ($5-8) during the height of the flower season for premium annuals that are similarly priced at $10- $17 at retail superstores, and nurseries.

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