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    Ghosts of Detroit Eastern Market

    Lady Phantom Cries to the Moon

    This legendary ghost of Eastern Market roams about the southern end of the property near Riopelle St. The restless, ghostly female spirit first appeared at the turn of the century during the late 1800s right after the excavation of unmarked graves where Shed 1 once stood–yes, Shed 1 the current parking lot, was once a cemetery. The spirit haunts the market and is occasionally seen standing in a tearful mourn extending her arms toward a  full blue moon.  Latest witnesses claimed while walking pass the market one night, they described a sudden strange compulsion to look in an easterly direction, in doing so, some reported seeing a ghostly phantom figure intently looking skyward–arms extended, weeping.

    Ghosts of Detroit Eastern Market

    Graves, Ghosts, & Eastern Market

    View the short 30sec video here…Ghosts of Eastern Market.