EMFBG TIP 2 – More Rain, Lower Flower Prices One very rainy day occasion, I drove around an came across a school’s annual flower sale fundraiser. It was a gloomy rainy day; overcast and clouds killed the flower buying mood. I stopped by and chatted with the participants, giving honest compliments on all the great looking plants they had on display. There were lots of backyard Hostas and other expensive perennials–all dug from their own gardens. I started to buy a couple of items, but wait! This moment represents an opportunity for bargains, deals, and discounts! I estimated there was several hundred dollars worth ofRead More →

DETROIT, Mich., May , 2017 — DayStar Books has launched a new website and companion eBook offering lesser known tips and techniques to consumers on factors affecting gardening prices entitled “Eastern Market Flower Deals.”   Visit the new site at: http://eastern-market-flower-deals.daystarbooks.com/. Garden Plant Prices Rise – Plant Count Is Reduced! For the past forty years the greenhouse grower industry has been slowly downsizing the garden flat. Originally, a flat of bedding plants contained a total of 96 plants. Over time that plant count slowly reduced from 96 plants down to 54 plants per flat. Years following a steady decline continued from 48 to 36 plants—flat sizesRead More →