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    Eastern Market Detroit Art Prints

    “The Market’s Gate.”

    By IAustin – Detroit Eastern Market Art Collection
    Print Title: The Market’s Gate
    Medium: Archival Fine Art Paper 100% cotton museum grade
    Printing Method: Giclee – Insures archival longevity  & quality aesthetics
    Markings: Signed by Artist
    Limited Edition: 250 hand numbered
    First Release Date: 8-20-17

    Eastern Market Detroit Art - TheMarketsGate1 by Ike Austin

    PRINTS – Visit Flower Day Gallery of Prints Here

    Dimensions & Price:
    Print 8×10 $30 / Framed 8.75×10.75  $45
    Canvas 8×10  $50
    Wrapped Canvas 24×24  $340
    Item ID: EMDB-0001-082017

    Artwork  Sentiment & Motivation
    This painting depicts a watercolor picture SHED 2 of the historic Eastern Market; built back in 1898 making this structure almost 120 years old! SHED 2 is the only last remaining SHED left standing from that era. Other sheds of similar old Victorian architecture have been long demolished. SHEDS 1 & 2 was the original construction site of the market; it serves to remind all visitors that the Detroit Eastern Market began at this southern location; SHED 2 is the true “center of it all.”

    In the early days, structures were erected to protect farmers from the weather elements called “SHEDS.” Many visitors today are not aware of the rich history of what this iconic Eastern Market Detroit structure represents.

    Eastern Market Detroit In Pictures—Capturing the Historic Spirit With Artwork
    These watercolor reproduction pictures are created as a tribute to the Farmers Market. To transfer the ambiance of the market to your home, raise the level of appreciation and educate visitors of the rich history of this century-time-old market place, hence the birth of the… “Spirit of Eastern Market Detroit” art series.

    The one best online art gallery to purchase heart-felt Detroit Eastern Market art prints with rich gallery style look & feel. View entire gallery here…easternmarketart

    These Eastern Market wall art watercolor prints will make a nice gift to any Eastern Market lover.

    About the Artist
    I created this art of passion to capture the true spirit of SHED 2 to raise citizen awareness of this one-of-a-kind city treasure & historic jewel.

    My first visit to the Eastern Market was nearly 60 years ago. It was an early morning—just before daybreak— and very cool. The Detroit Eastern Market was already bustling with activity and the air was filled with the haggling of buyers and sellers, the humming & rumblings of many transportation vehicles. The background noises created a cacophony of sounds that would become the unique voice of the Eastern Market Detroit.  Since that time, I have been under the magical spell of the 150-year-old historic market. At the beginning of every summer, the market calls out to me… “come and visit, Flower Day is near.”

    Recently retired—my professional background was very technical; involving corporate enterprise-wide eLearning, website development, and several programming languages. I can now spend more time on an affinity I have for both the Eastern Market and wetland bird photography—of which I won a National Geographic contest several years ago.

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    archival papers2-daystarbrand

    The Paper
    Because Paper can greatly influence the appearance of the print, the art is professionally printed on acid-free archival paper with a water-resistant surface. It is made from 100% cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free. All substrate paper sources meet archival standards set by Fine Art Trade Guilds for pH and acid content and light fastness; you are assured of receiving the highest quality you are paying for.

    You are getting a truly expensive print for a good price, not the other way around.

    Glicee – True Fine Art Gallery Prints—Only the Best!
    I use only certified Giclee commercial printers.

    What is Glicee?
    It is a printing method. Giclee printing process gives reproduction art that touch of original canvas painting, nostalgia look & feel; the art will not yellow or fade over time.

    Protective Coating
    Additionally, each print is sprayed with a MOAB protective coating, preventing scratches, fingerprints, scuffing. MOAB is designed to help eliminate these threats while enhancing the surface of the paper.

    DAYSTAR BRAND Fine Art Reproductions


    These prints are packaged as follows; are boxed, protected and matted with the giclee acid-free plastic & tape. This means using acid-free plastic sleeves and acid-free tape to seal those bags sleeved ensuring that your photo art will arrive safely.

    DAYSTARBRAND Flower-Day-Eastern-Market-Photo-by-Ike-Austin

    Glicee prints are shipped flat.
    7 – 10 business days.

    PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY – The lower numbered prints garnish the higher return value over time.

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    Eastern Market Art Prints



    Contact Info: iaustin@daystarbooks.com

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