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    Flower Day? What is Flower Day?

    What is Flower Day? Flower Day is the biggest, largest, humongous, enormous bedding plant, flower spectacle; it is an annual Detroit Eastern Market event held over 152 years! Go here to read tips on how to spot great deals and/or [Sign up] to get EMFBG eBooks containing 2x money saving tips in one package.

    Flower day

    Detroit Eastern Market Flower Day

    When is Flower Day?

    Flower Day is May 21st this year 2017, but the date changes every year. A rule to remember, it is always “The First Sunday after Mother’s Day.”

    Flower Day?

    It is a timeless venue for flower lovers; morning, noon, and evenings. It is a stroll into a forest of many colors, many variations of deep earth tones to pastel highlights. It is a Ga-Zillion flowers in full bloom. Ba-Billions of blooms billowing from trucks, rolling about on racks, wagons, & carts, spilling from semis into the streets. It is… a rainbow of a million hues, each individual bloom is a match made from heaven, as quoted by the old adage…”beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” From the market to the garden, flowers makes a home happier.

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    Flower Day

    Flower Day

    Get Ready for Flower Day!

    Flower Day?

    Flower Day is a day covered in White – There will be a thousand colors of White flowers in every tint and every tone. Gardeners and Flowers lovers everywhere will converge on Detroit Farmers Market again for the 151th time this century. They will be greeted with the glow of white flowers of bedding plants, some in full bloom other are not. Large blooms of climbing white roses, double and single, displayed in rows and rows on everything sidewalk and path in between. Hanging baskets of white blooms in every hue of White;  Alice Light White, EggShell White, Pastel Off White, Tinges of many Whites; a white for every gardener. In many shades of many sizes, Flowerday shoppers will be drowning in white flowers on Flower.

    Flower Day?

    It is a parade of the color Pink – There will be a thousand colors of  Earth Tone Pink of flowers in every color and every shade. Gardeners and Flowers lovers everywhere, come one, come all, small, big, and tall. Come in cars, station wagons, and trucks, vans. The color Rasberry Tone Pink will be in full bloom at the Eastern Market Michigan. Large blooms of roses, double or single, hanging from racks, carts, everything apparatus in between. Hanging baskets in every hue of Lush Pastel Tone Pink; light Earth Pink, Anemone Tone Pink, Bella Cherry Tone Pink, Haute Tone Pink, a Tone of Pink for every gardener. In many shades of many sizes, Eastern Market will be in full bloom again this year – Flower Day is on May 21th this year 2017.  Flower Days is always the first week after Mother’s Day. View the EMFBG Countdown Timer.

    Flower Day

    Flower Day?

    In Living Pastel Color – Flower Day– shoppers will discover the biggest, largest, and colorful-est garden flower extravaganza in the US. On Flowers Day, the grounds will be in full bloom in a multiple of pastel colors. Misty Iceberg Pastel blue, Mild Mountain water Pastel blue, Mirage Mountain mist blue.  Flower Day is always covered in flowers every day of the summer week, morning, noon and nights. There will be pastel blue aster hybrids, pastel blue petunias hybrids, pastel blue blazers hybrids, pastel blue sage hybrids, pastel blue periwinkle hybrids, and no shortage of pastel blue Snap Dragons. Eastern Market Detroit will look like pastel blue, from pastel blue sky heaven to deep space dark pastel blue, early sun crackling morning glory pastel blue.  The magic of pastels starts on Flower Day. Flower shoppers in their many shades of coats, sweaters, jacket & hats, and flower carrying blue and purple wagons & carts, all looking to find their favorite flower, in their favorite pastel color, in their favorite shade or hue. On Flower Day, people are running here, walking there, jogging, sometimes sprinting from one end of the Market to the other on Flower Day.

    Flower Day?

    Garden flower lovers will always find a plethora of red, and colorful Red Pastel flowers on Flower Day. Detroit Eastern Market Flowers will “boom” in blooms in Red Pastel. Sinopia Summer Red Pastel, Wild ferrari Red Pastel, Outback Indian Red Pastel; Red Pastel flowers in every shade, Red Pastel flowers in every hue. There will be Red Pastel asters, Red Pastel colored petunias, Red Pastel tinted Tulips, Red Pastel Hybiscus, Red Pastel toned Impatiens, Flower Day will make Eastern Market look like it is saturated in Red Pastel. From Red Pastel skies to Red Pastel moon Red Pastel, morning glory Red Pastel, Red Pastel Meizolds all looking so Red Pastel. Carts of Red Pastel, racks of Red Pastel, wagons, of Red Pastel on Red Pastel, in the color red! You can find your favorite color, shade, and hue of Red Pastel flower, at the Eastern Market on FlowerDay.

    In the morning, noon, or evenings, you can walk into the color Red Pastel. Hoards of flowers, wrapped in plastic, stuffed in trucks and racks, piled in the streets, lining the walkways. The evening edge of the sky reminds me of an Iris Red Pastel, or Delphinium shade of Red Pastel. Or, is it closer in shade to the Coquelicot Red Pastel, the tulip dark Red Pastel or Cosmos Sinabot Tone of Red Pastel? From May through June you can find any shade of Red Pastel among the bounty of Eastern Market on FlowerDay.

    Flower Day


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    When is Flower Day? Read Details Here

    Eastern Market Useful Facts

       Daily – Summer
       Wholesale/Commercial – Early mornings 2 – 6AM
       Consumer 7AM – 7PM
       Saturday Nursery, Garden Flower Sales—hundreds of farmers
       Downtown Detroit
       East of I-75, South of Mack Ave, North of Gratiot
       East of Tigers Stadium (Across the bridge)
    Eastern Market Map
    Map-Detroit Eastern Market
    Detroit Eastern Market Age:
    Established: 1891
    Detroit Eastern Market Size
    The market size is estimated between 40 & 45 acres of bustling buying & selling grounds, apprx 12-14 acres under sheds & display.
    Flowering Bedding & Vegetable Garden Plants
       Flats, Hanging Baskets, Pots,
       Perennials, and Annuals
    New Cultivars – Every Year!
    Flower Day Main Event
       Flower Day – One week after Mother’s Day
    Statistically Speaking – Flower Season
       Vendor / Farmer Stalls – 150-200
    Attendees / Visitors – Market Characteristics:
    • Flower Day – Estimated – 200,000-250,000
    • Saturday Visitors – 30-000-50,000
    Traffic / Crowds
    • Heaviest during mornings, 7:00AM – Noon

    The Michigan Detroit Eastern Market is lined with old breakfast restaurants and specialty shops.

     Parking – Free (Everywhere)
    •     Structure
    •     Streets
    There are ample parking lots, and structures, you can park anywhere that does not obstruct traffic (police will turn a blind eye:) A typical 3 – 5-minute wait is all the patients you need to garner a prime parking spot.

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