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    How Many Days Before Flower Day?

    MAKE YOURSELF HAPPIER!!! Nothing is bigger, better & brighter…than a window view of garden flowers! CLICK Countdown to Flower Day Link is Here.

    Flowers can make a window view beautiful

    Flower Day?  What is Flower Day?

    Detroit Eastern Market | Useful Facts

       Daily – Summer
       Wholesale/Commercial – Early mornings 2 – 6AM
       Consumer 7AM – 7PM
       Saturday Nursery, Garden Flower Sales—hundreds of farmers
       Downtown Detroit
       East of I-75, South of Mack Ave, North of Gratiot
       East of Tigers Stadium (Across the bridge)
    Eastern Market Map
    Map-Detroit Eastern Market
    Detroit Eastern Market Age: 
    Established: 1891
    Detroit Eastern Market Size
    The market size is estimated between 40 & 45 acres of bustling buying & selling grounds, apprx 12-14 acres under sheds & display.
    Flowering Bedding & Vegetable Garden Plants
       Flats, Hanging Baskets, Pots,
       Perennials, and Annuals
    Eastern Market Flower Day Main Event
       Flower Day – One week after Flower Day
    Statistically Speaking – Flower Season
     Vendor / Farmer Stalls – 150-200
      Attendees / Visitors
    • Flower Day – Estimated – 200,000-250,000
    • Saturday Visitors – 30-000-50,000
    Traffic / Crowds
    • Heaviest during mornings, 7:00AM – Noon
    Market Characteristics:

    Flower Day – Over 200,000 thousand flower loving shoppers, all looking to find their favorite flower, in their favorite color.

    detroit eastern market flower buyers guide

    detroit eastern market flower buyers guide

    Eastern Market (EM) is one of the most exciting places to shop for gardening plants & flowers. Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide (EMFBG) will give shoppers the opportunity to… 2”X” the flowers they get for their buck.

    EMFBG TIP 15 – Over Production
    If you are walking the market and spot a large display of a single variety of bedding plants, due to various uncontrolled circumstances growers have overstocked merchandise and are motivated to sell. In trade lingo they say, the grower is “long on Begonias.” Just knowing what to look for can get $12 healthy, beautiful Begonia flats for only $6! “2X the buying power.” —Ike Austin

    “With the EMFBG, any price is possible.” —Ike Austin

    View more on Amazon’s website; get the Flower Buyers Guide eBook here.
    Remember to visit the Facebook page and LIKE the page
    2X the flowers you get for your buck! Free from Facebook Page:)

    Visit the Facebook page Detroit: Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide.
    Detroit Eastern Market: Latest Detroit Eastern Market update.

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