More Rain, Lower Flower Prices

EMFBG TIP 2 – More Rain, Lower Flower Prices

One very rainy day occasion, I drove around an came across a school’s annual flower sale fundraiser. It was a gloomy rainy day; overcast and clouds killed the flower buying mood. I stopped by and chatted with the participants, giving honest compliments on all the great looking plants they had on display. There were lots of backyard Hostas and other expensive perennials–all dug from their own gardens. I started to buy a couple of items, but wait! This moment represents an opportunity for bargains, deals, and discounts! I estimated there was several hundred dollars worth of retail inventory of perennial plants, tulips, Hostas several varieties, Pachysandra, lilies, black-eyed Susan’s, asters, lavender, and others. It was near the end of the evening, rainy, and gloomy. I didn’t have my truck but made an offer to buy the remaining inventory for $200 if the guy with the pickup truck will take all this stuff to my house. They gladly accepted the offer because nobody wanted to load all those muddy plants back into their vehicles.

Rainy Day at Eastern Market

I gladly tipped the driver $50 for a ten-minute drive.

Savings: There had to be appx $600 in fully mature, healthy garden plants with 90% being perennials.

Drive around, check for street banners, small town local papers, make Local Flower Fund Raisers part of your flower hunting routine.

Cash Talks – Bargains, Deals, Discounts

It is always cash, it is never cards or checkbook, it is always cash, and compliments.

Always purchase bulk, try to make the big deal of the summer from one spot.

When to Shop Around
Keep an eye out for time of day–late evenings are best, weather–rainy.