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    What is Eastern Market Detroit?

    From May till July 4th Eastern Market Detroit is “The mother of all flower market events” in the entire Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, including Canada. It is the most gigantic, gargantuan, grandiose gardening related event in the entire USA. It is a timeless, annual, Detroit only, blooming spectacular reoccurring since 1967. However, the Detroit Eastern Market itself has been in operation selling vegetable & produce to Michigan and outlining residence for over the past 15o years; through good times and bad. Things are in full bloom at Eastern Market Detroit.

    Detroit Eastern Market

    What is Eastern Market Detroit? First and foremost, Farmers Market Detroit is a visual massive event of garden flowers… This… is… Flower Country!


    Eastern Market’s Annual Flower Show

    It is a timeless venue for flower lovers; morning, noon, and evenings. It is a stroll into a forest of many colors, many variations of deep earth tones to pastel highlights. It is a Ga-Zillion flowers in full bloom. Ba-Billions of blooms billowing from trucks, rolling about on racks, wagons, & carts, spilling from semis into the streets. It is… a rainbow of a million hues, each individual bloom is a match made from heaven, as quoted by the old adage…”beauty is in the eye of 200,000 Detroit Eastern Market visiting beholders.” Flower Day Flower Show

    eastern market detroit daliahsFlower Day Display of Dahlias

    Eastern Market Detroit Restaurants?

    There are many different restaurants and eateries lining the streets of Eastern Market Detroit. There will be thousands of coneys sold, the same is said for breakfast; fresh eggs, bacon, and grits, will get you pumped up into the shopping mix. Bar-B-Que Ribs, chicken, and sausage, visitors from everywhere will converge on Detroit Farmers Market. Yes…there are many dining places and things to eat; both food and treats. Eastern Market Shoppers are greeted with the smell of spices, and pleasant aromas filling the market air, some pungent while other are savory sweet. Some places you dine in other places you can dine out; rows of tables and chairs along the sidewalks invite you to sit. Rest your hanging baskets or your shopping bags. Replenish & refresh the shopping must restart. There are lots of places selling refreshments to drink, some strong, some soft, some sweet. There are nuts to buy, coffees to sample, seasonings to smell as you make this one of your favorite days downtown at Eastern Market Detroit.

    Eastern Market Detroit mid-market north-end restaurant

    Eastern Market Detroit mid-market north-end restaurant


    Eastern Market Detroit Restaurants FoodBar-B-Que

    Eastern Market Detroit Meats at Gratiot Central Market

    It is a smorgasbord of the meats – There are retail meat stores, wholesale meat stores, meat stores on Russell Street, meat stores on Riopelle Street, meat stores on Gratiot Street across the bridge. Thousand of people buying every kind of meat. Beef and poultry lovers everywhere, come one, come all, small, big, and tall. Gratoit Central Market is a hub for smoked meats, cooked meats, sausages, cold cuts, pork, Bar-B-Que ribs, steaks, fish and yes, even produce; you name it, “they have the meats” at Eastern Market Detroit.

    Eastern Market Detroit Gratiot Central Market MeatsEastern Market Detroit Gratiot Central Market Meats

    Eastern Market Detroit Vegetables & Produce – In Season

    Fresh produce trucked in daily.  “Two for $5, two for $5” shoppers may hear some of the best deals in town echo under the sheds as they stroll through the Farmers Market when Michigan’s produce season begins.  Eastern Market Detroit shoppers will discover the big, large, and colorful display of a meandering of vegetable and vibrant fruit colors. During this time, the grounds will be covered in a multiple of different fruits & vegetables. In addition to Michigan water melons, you will find some Texas water melons, Mississippi water melons, Alabama water melons, Georgia water melons, and in every size & shape; round, oblong and really long. Iceberg Lettuce, Romaine, Butterhead Lettuce,  Spinach, baby spinach and cabbage.  There are bins of tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and baskets of greens, beans and broccoli.  They will be selling turnip & mustard greens, green peas & green-beans. Herbs & Spices, okra and garlic under every Detroit Eastern Market Shed. Onions, peppers, potatoes and squash, Eastern Market Detroit will look like an army of marching vegetables & produce from one end Shed 5–Northern-End of the Market of the market to Shed 2–Southern-End of the Market. “The magic of the market” starts this summer into the fall for Fruits & Vegetables at the Market. Market History

    Eastern Market Detroit Restaurants

    eastern market detroit Vegetable ProduceVegetables & Produce

    Eastern Market Detroit TailGating 

    “Worshipping sport events from the back of a truck, car, pickup” 

    Tailgating is a sports related social event that occurs as a pre-game activity in the parking lots of sports arenas. Basically, the rear end of a vehicles tailgate is lowered and utilized as a staging platform for all the food, beverages and all you can eat & drink during the tailgate party. Vehicle tailgates are stacked & and stuffed with soft drinks, beer, wine, strong liquor, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, steaks or anything edible.  Some tailgate party setups are quite elaborate, with commercial size grills and grilling on a wholesale level. There will be chips, cheese curls, skins, snacks of all kinds.  Additionally, some individuals tailgaters dress up in support of their favorite team and other fanaticals adorned themselves in ridiculous costume. There is a tailgate space reserved just for you, so come on down and add your excitement to tailgating activities at Eastern Market Detroit. View more… Eastern Market Tailgating Art here.

    eastern market detroit tailgating budeastern market detroit tailgatingTailgating Tailgate Party at Eastern Market Detroit – Ford Field Just Across the Bridge

    Eastern Market Detroit Turn of the Century Stores & Shops 

    In this old store…  you can walk into a great selection of cheeses and wines. Plenty of cheeses, breads, spreads, & cakes, pastries & cookie many kinds of other goodie goodie yums yums. Wines by the crates, wine by the bottle, local & imported. Michigan made products, snacks and baked goods.  You can find your favorite wine and cheese among the bounty of Eastern Market Detroit at the stores with turn of the century charm.

    eastern market detroit wine

    eastern market detroit turn of century old stores shops rippolle stOld Turn of the Century Stores & Shops

    Eastern Market Detroit Street Vendors

    Eastern Market visitors lovers will always find a plethora of vendors every Saturday, in mainly Sheds 2 & 3 and on many streets, but heavily condensed in the Shed 2 areas at the Southern-End of the market.  Add shoppers curiosity to the list of things to see and find such as T-Shirts, sports memorabilia. Colorful and unique gifts can be found for that special day or special someone such as custom bottle openers.  Detroit Eastern Market vendors will “boom” in crafts, jewelry, antiques, art, collectables and many custom handmade products. This is a relaxing way to spend a weekend. There is always some live entertainment from freelance street performers to heighten the open-air festival atmosphere. Perhaps you can find your favorite, gift at the Detroit Eastern Market.

    eastern market detroit street vendors russell streeteastern market detroit shopsStreet Side Vendors

    SHED History

    Read more about the early history of the Detroit Eastern Market‘s infamous SHED NUMBERS (located on top of the structures) that only the really old-timer, True Blue Detroiters are aware of. Whenever you hear an older timer using a carry-over term by referring to Eastern Market outdoor structures as “SHEDS” you know it is an old “True Blue Eastern Market Patriot.”

    Eastern Market Detroit sheds 5 and 6Detroit Eastern Market SHEDS 5 & 6 – Located on the northern end of the market

    Eastern Market Detroit Crowds

    “Spirit of the crowds…”

    Farmers Market flower shoppers are the best crowds of any flower shopping venue. There are no comparison to the Eastern Market Detroit crowds and the jubilant friendly atmosphere they generate. Eastern Market Detroit’s Crowds

    eastern market detroit crowds shed6eastern market detroit crowdsThe happy shopping hoards have arrived

    Eastern Market Detroit – Flea Market

    “Something old, something new; lamps funiture, trinkets”

    Mainly on Sundays in Shed 5, and Saturdays, but scattered throughout the market particularly at the south-end of the market near Shed 2 and on the adjacent connecting vidock heading toward the Gratiot Meat Market.

    eastern market detroit fleamarket

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    Eastern market flower deals like button

    Eastern Market Detroit Useful Facts

    When is Flower Day? Read Details Here

    Market Hours
       Daily – Summer
       Wholesale/Commercial – Early mornings 2 – 6AM
       Consumer 7AM – 7PM
       Saturday Nursery, Garden Flower Sales—hundreds of farmers
    Market Location
       Downtown Detroit
       East of I-75, South of Mack Ave, North of Gratiot
       East of Tigers Stadium (Across the bridge)
    Eastern Market Map
    Map-Detroit Eastern Market
    Detroit Eastern Market Age:
    Established: 1891
    Detroit Eastern Market Size
    The market size is estimated between 40 & 45 acres of bustling buying & selling grounds, appx 12-14 acres under sheds & display.
    Flowering Bedding & Vegetable Garden Plants
       Flats, Hanging Baskets, Pots,
       Perennials, and Annuals
    New Cultivars – Every Year!
    Flower Day Main Event
       Flower Day – One week after Mother’s Day
    Statistically Speaking – Flower Season
       Vendor / Farmer Stalls – 150-200
    Attendees / Visitors – Market Characteristics:
    • Flower Day – Estimated – 200,000-250,000
    • Saturday Visitors – 30-000-50,000
    Traffic / Crowds
    • Heaviest during mornings, 7:00AM – Noon

    The Michigan Detroit Eastern Market Sheds are surrounded with old breakfast restaurants and specialty shops.

     Parking – Free (Everywhere)
    •     Structure
    •     Streets
    There are ample parking lots, and structures, you can park anywhere that does not obstruct traffic (police will turn a blind eye:) A typical 3 – 5-minute wait is all the patients you need to garner a prime parking spot.

    EMFBG – Flower Buyers Guide

    First Edition

    detroit eastern market flower buyers guide

    Amazon: Flower Buyers Guide eBook.
    Visit Facebook: Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide

    Read More Free Here… EMFBG.