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    What Flower Personality Are You? The Science of Flowers

    Do the flowers you buy say a lot about your personality…

    Mad Science of Flowers Research
    Our research has shown that flower lovers tend to purchase flowers that closely match their physical characteristics; tall individuals purchase taller flowers such as geraniums, cosmos and salvia. Conversely, shorter shoppers claim an attraction to impatiens and begonias. But the research also confirms that some subtle behavioral traits are also represented by the flower types shoppers claim as their favorites. High intensity personalities tend to like spikes, free-spirited individuals show favoritism to running vines or  rambling petunias. The more anxious flower buyer the more likely they lean toward bright red passion colors such as geraniums. –Mad Science of Flowers Hee Hee

    Who said flowers have no soul

    What kind of flower personality are you?

    Are you, your spouse or a friend of yours:
    Impatient like Impatiens
    Sharp tongue Spike?
    Proud Royal Geranium?
    Lady Lady Like Pansy?
    Teacher’s Pet Begonia?
    Rich as African Marigolds?
    Shy blue Ageratum?
    Loud fun Angels Trumpet?
    Social like a pak of Petunias?
    Needy like a cluster of Phlox?
    Light headed like asparagus?
    Hopeless Romantic like Baby’s Breath?
    Cheerful & bright as Sunflower?

    Describe you, your spouse, or a friend of yours…

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