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    Flower Day Eastern Market – Up to the Roof in Blooms

    Flower Day Eastern Market will be covered in blooms up to the top of the barn with all of your bedding plants and hanging baskets.

    Flower Day is the one source, place and day for purchasing the biggest, blooming, brightest flower blooms in all of metro Detroit.

    Eastern Market Farmers Market is where thousands of trucks converge with loads of flats of blooming flowers.

    Flower Day Eastern Market

    Flower Day Eastern Market 2017

    Flower Eastern Market – Is a time for large crowds, old stories, walking and talking. It is for the discovery of new cultivars and old heirlooms.  You will walk the market for many heavenly hours during Flower day Eastern Market Detroit until your wagons are full to their rims and brims.

    If you get to hungry stop and eat,
    there are many restaurants with plenty of seats.

    Plan on stuffing your car trunks with blooms and baskets,
    filling the back seat with piles of pedals,
    kids up to their necks surrounded in bright, bursting, colorful flowers.


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