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    15 Ways to Get the Best Bedding Plants for the Best Price

    Eastern Market Flower Day - EMFBG


    Eastern Market Flower Day Buyers Guide

    “Better Eastern Marketing Flower Day”

    This site is dedicated to helping shoppers get the best deals & enjoyable Eastern Marketing Flower Buying Experience

    Detroit Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide–EMFBG: How to Negotiate the Best Flower Bargains, Deals, Discounts, Savings – 30 Year Secrets Revealed! 

    You should never shop the Eastern Market without reading this ebook – here’s why

    Detroit Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide


    In this post you’ll learn 15 proven ways to pay less and get more bedding plants this year Flower Day Eastern Market 2018

    You’ll also see how these strategies can get 2x the bedding plants while others pay full price.

    Flower Day Detroit Eastern Market Buyers Guide Spend less, get more

    It gets better:

    All of these Flower Day Eastern Market buying strategies worked on me–yes customers taught me all I know–I once worked a roadside flower stand. These same methods are timeless and are still applied during every gardening season.

    Of the 17 tips checking cell count is the easiest and most efficient. Because it simply involves observation & math. We are free to use all methods to match with personalities, weather & demand.

    These are good spirited techniques–conducted in the true friendly spirit of trade, others are simple observation and math; but any one can save you money and insure you have a better Eastern Marketing experience.

    Side Bar – I have personally watched customers try to bully or insult vendors into a low-ball price; that’s not the technique used here. For instance, one early morning at the Eastern Market Flower Day I stood gazing down at the most beautiful flat of petunias anyone has even seen–grown by a very small grower, both him and his wife looked under five feet in height, and they had a very small dark green truck. A customer question why these flats cost $1.00 more than the others on the market–the seller got irritated and told the person to go and “find it…like this!” As he proudly stated with his hands on both sides, chest stuck out as he popped up on his toes–chuckling. I didn’t waste any time and purchased several flats for his asking price–and gave them a tip–these gorgeous flats were worth more than their $7 asking price. I never take advantage of an individual and always tipped when appropriate. I never again found flats of petunias that looked as good those of the little farmer in the little green truck. The farmer told me the seed variety was called “Ultra Mix”, I searched but could not find the same; there are lots seed brands out there, but… as the little farmer said… “none like this!”

    With that, here are the Eastern Market Flower Day Buying Methods that you’re going to learn about on this web blog:

    1 – Commercial Greenhouse Growers

    2 – Local Flower Fund-raisers
    3 – Bad Weather Opportunity
    4 – End of Day
    5 – End of Season Stroll Pay’s Off Big for Expensive Perennials
    6 – Group, Family, Organization
    7 – Landscaper to Purchase
    8 – Small Roadside Stands – Deal Direct With Owner
    9 – Plant Count, Look-out! 18 vs 48 Plants?
    10 – Distressed Plants
    11 – “Can I Get 2-for…”
    12 – Plug Culture 200-500 Plants/Flat
    13 – Early Morning – Wholesale Buying
    14 – Neighborhood Group Buying
    15 – “Long on” Over Production Opportunities, How to Spot
    16 – Late Evening Vendor | Grower Mindset
    17 – Hostas Online Wholesalers

    Jump ahead straight to the complete eBook here…Eastern Market Flower Day best flowers at the best price guide.

    Now if you do this right, and do it all in a fun, good spirited nature”, the market vendors will always be glad to see you coming year after year.

    Flower Day Detroit Eastern Market by IAustin
    Bedding Plants – Eastern Market Flowerday is Over-flowing
    If you hate going to the nursery, or if you hate paying high bedding plant prices, then this website is for you, this is the place to learn how to get cheap annual flats or, getting the best flowers at the best price.  Using the methods in this website will help you get flowers at wholesale prices.

    Top Plants and Flowers
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    Bedding Plants How Much Can You Save?
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    Grow Bedding Plants Cheaper
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    Recycle Plastic Produce Case – Makes great miniature greenhouse.
    I take the empty clear plastic fruit containers–they are configured to function as miniature greenhouses.

    Then fill each cell with growing medium, inserted some vegetable seed, added a little water, then regularly sprinkle it every few days—just make sure it doesn’t totally dry out that’s all. You don’t need to watch the seeds everyday or several times a day. Sun doesn’t become important until the seedlings emerge and break through the soil, then move your plastic container greenhouse to a lighted window sill.

    Flower-Buzz® will keep you informed about new and latest bedding plants techniques.

    – Learn to pay less than $2.00 / flat for bedding plants in some cases.

    Top 5 Tips For Getting Cheap Garden Flowers Plants
    I also, was amazed at how easy and under what cold and low temperature flowers will actually not die, but grow. Farmers never feared “the danger of the frost.”

    Our Cheap Bedding Plant Bargains Goal:
    1 – Drastically reduce the price of your garden plants flowers
    2 – Encourage a GROW YOUR OWN ORGANIC vegetables philosophy.

    Plants Garden and Kids
    It is imperative that young children start to understand that what they see on television, doesn’t translate into good health. They need more vegetables in their lives.

    eastern market detroit Vegetable Produce

    Eastern Market Flower Day & Produce

    This is why it is so important for you to start to teach your kids and grand kids about the benefits of eating pure organic chemical free vegetable. That’s were the whole new concept cheap bedding plants and cheap garden plants and flowers evolved.

    Profit From Commercial Green Houses – Flower Day Eastern Market
    Working in the garden nursery business for years, I witnesses the best Bedding Plants be destroyed and go to the dumpsters by the container loads. Sometimes the greenhouse may offer special prices to move this merchandise during Eastern Market Flower Day–you just got to know what signs to look for.

    Frost Tip – Danger of Frost – Stop Frost With Lawn Sprinklers?
    I observed how farmers with acres of open fields full of garden plants use a special protective cloth to cover their bedding plants. I noticed them using sprinklers to wash the frost right off the garden plants—must be done just before sunrise and the bedding plants do not get damaged from frost. You see, it is not the frost that damage the leaves, it is the reaction of sunlight combined with the frost that causes the frost damage. Wash off the frost before sunrise and…presto no frost damage.

    This tips works on garden plants and flowers plus vegetable plants also.
    You no longer need to panic at a frost alert. Don’t lose all your bedding plants, you can do the same thing at home, just use your hose to wash off any frost off all your garden and plants in one easy spray of the hose before sunrise.

    By illustrating a direct link to organic green food and health, the garden plants flowers can also introduce your kids to organic gardening.
    It’s time to start learning more about how to get cheap bedding plant bargains, eat some organic vegetables and revive better health.

    Hustle & Bustle of the Market

    • Flower Day Eastern Market Early one summer morning, as I walked the Michigan Detroit Eastern Market, I spotted bundles of multi-colored blooms sitting in a red wagon over running with rainbows of color.  The morning air-filled the market with floral perfumes, the cacophony of excited chatter, hustling, and bustling of flowers bought and sold. It all starts on Flower Day.

      Detroit Eastern Market Flower Day – Is In Full Bloom, Michigan

      Detroit’s Eastern Market is now “Is In Full Bloom” – 200,000 Flats & Baskets of Color!

      eastern market flower day morning shed 2

      Eastern Market Flower Day Shed 2

      Flower Day Eastern Market – I saw one hundred thousand shades of full blooms spread all over concrete parking lots, and sidewalks.  The Market was blooms on blooms, in flats & baskets, blooms on top of blooms. No, no, it was flower pedals, on baskets of pedals, in flats of pedals, all in full bloom!  This Farmers Market during Easter Market Flower Day has colorful blooms at the top of racks, colorful blooms bulging at the middle of racks, rainbow  of blooms busting the rack at the seams, yellow pedal blooms, pink pedals at the tip of every flower stem. The multitude of colors was even covering the entire ground, spreading from the top north of the Market to the end tip near Gratiot Ave. Flowers on carts, in wagons, and flowers on the edge of tables. Full blooms were represented in many shades of many colors, southeast Detroit never looked so good from the moon!  Boom there goes hanging baskets, large, medium, and small, all different shades of color; beautiful, something for everyone. A bloom here a bloom there, matching color for every eye. Did I mention the Detroit Eastern Market had millions shades of peach color flowers, in every basket size, flats, tray,s pots big and small?

      The Detroit Eastern Market on Flower Day is a summer delight, bright and bustling with people and color.  The Michigan Detroit Eastern Market is another prolific destination for serious and devout gardening and flower enthusiasts.  It is the first spring destination because of it’s thousands bright vivid, wide range of multitude flats, baskets in full bloom.

      Flower Day Eastern Market

      On another occasion one rainy and chilly morning as I walked the Michigan Detroit Eastern Market, I spotted bundles of multi-colored blooms sitting in a thicket of color.  The morning air was filled and smelled of floral perfumes. Yes, this type of colors crammed in one spot is attractive as its density of color catches the eye toward blooms of pure beauty.  However, on this occasion, the thicket of color; yellows, pinks, reds, purples, and whites were covered, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. This big bang of color gave the crowd an almost pinkish hue, a unique contrast with the Market of Full Blooms posing as all eye’s  of he crowd lusted at the floral center piece.  The onlookers stared as though they had been hypnotized into a state of stoic admiration. As the crowd passed, along the full length of the long walkway, each person had a moment to be mesmerized. This “in full bloom” Michigan Detroit Eastern Market “busting with blooms” Eastern Market Flower Day spectacle, looks like an endless blooming Jewel.


      eastern market flower day shed 3 crowds


      Eastern Market Flower Day Shed 3

      The above photos of full bloom at the Detroit Market Flower Day may be the best sea of color a flower lover can experience, but I did manage to capture many  scenarios just before it all started to dissipate in hours by the hoards of full bloom, flower loving hoards of buyers.

      The sun had not yet fully rose and softly disturbed this morning beams on the full bloom scenery as the flowers location was spot lighted by the sun; flowers below, blooming twenty feet high, and the darling morning market was quite.  But this rainy cool morning was quickly about to change as the sun slowly rose, it brought in the anxious hoards who immediately encroached on the Northern Michigan Detroit Eastern Market’s location, the sun rays also quickly melted any light frost off the nearby branches on some shrubbery. I had to quickly gird up and try to press into the crowd to get this particular photo shot during Flower Day Eastern Market.

      eastern market flower day shed 6

      Detroit Eastern market Shed 6

      Lessons Learned From Walking the Detroit Eastern Market

      The  Flower Day Eastern Market is a very alert and bustling shoulder to shoulder of friendly polite flower shoppers.  They scan to single out a potential of full blooming opportunities; located near and distant in every direction; it is therapeutic and brings a slight adrenaline rush. I noticed the hoards all had an aura of satisfaction as they quickly distinguished their individual mindset based on something that caught their eye.  The hoards are very observant and intelligent garden flower shoppers.

      Flower Day Eastern Market & the Color White

      Eastern Market Detroit Flower Day – 1000 Shades of White

      The Flower Buyers Guide Must is a MUST Read Before you Visit the Market

      The Eastern Market Flower Day and the color White – There will be a thousand shades of White flowers in every tint and every hue. Gardeners and Flowers lovers everywhere will converge on Detroit Farmers Market again for the 150th time this summer. They will arrive I’m massive numbers; in cars, station wagons, humvees, buses, trucks, and vans. The glow of white flowers of bedding plants will be in full bloom in Downtown Detroit Michigan this year. Large blooms of climbing white colored roses, double and single, displayed in rows and rows on everything sidewalk and walkways. Hanging baskets of white blooms in every hue of White; Light White, Egg Shell White, Crayola Off Low White, Tinges of multiple whites; a white for every corner of every garden. In many shades of many sizes, Eastern Market Detroit Flower Day will be in full bloom in blooming white flowers.

      Eastern Market Flower Day White Daisies

      Flowers Flowers & More Flowers

      You will discover the big, bigger, biggest, largest, and colorful flowers during Flower Day Eastern Market. Eastern Market Detroit Michigan will “boom” and go “bloom” in multiple colors. Heartwarm Summer colors, Cora Bells splash of colors, Enticing bright Whites splash of color; Color splash of flowers in every complexion, brilliant flowers in every iridescence. There will be multicolor asters, multicolor petunias, multicolor Tulips, multicolor Snap Dragons short and tall, multicolor Impatiens, multicolor Begonias, multicolor Lobelia, multicolor Cosmos, multicolor Silene, multicolor Geraniums, multicolor Digitalis, multicolor Ageratum, multicolor Hibiscus, multicolor Asters, multicolor Rhododendron, multicolor Delphiniums, multicolor Phlox, and, many splashing colors more…during Eastern Market Flower Day.

      Eastern Market Detroit Michigan will make Eastern Market look like a splash of multicolors of painted blooms.

      detroit eastern market flower day - splash of color

      From multicolor baskets to multicolor flats, multicolor running vines, multicolor geraniums all looking so bright. Carts of multicolors, racks of multicolor, wagons of multicolor of flowers!

      You can find your favorite color, shade, and hue of in a splash of colors on flowers, at the Eastern Market Detroit Michigan flower season.

      In the morning, noon, or evenings, you can walk into hoards of flowers, billowing from trucks at the Flower Day Eastern Market, stuffed in trucks and racks, flowing from ramps into the streets, lining the curbs around curbs and on curbs. The fresh morning air fills the market atmosphere, the edge of the morning will welcome the color of the rainbow. The animated many shades of colors being carted by hoards of flower buyers; dark flavors of colors, or Variegated shades of colors. Or, is it, the light color of Valentine-summer White or deep heart sorrow purple? From May through June, morning, noon, or evening, you can find any shade of flowers among the bounty of Eastern Market Flower Day in downtown Detroit Michigan.

      Eastern Market Flower Day is Historical Blooming Art in Motion

      Eastern Market Detroit Art Prints

      “The Market’s Gate.”

      By IAustin – Detroit Eastern Market Art Collection
      Print Title: The Market’s Gate
      Medium: Archival Fine Art Paper 100% cotton museum grade
      Printing Method: Giclee – Insures archival longevity  & quality aesthetics
      Markings: Signed by Artist
      Limited Edition: 250 hand numbered
      First Release Date: 8-20-17

      Eastern Market Detroit Art - TheMarketsGate1 by Ike Austin

      Dimensions & Price:
      Print 8×10 $30 / Framed 8.75×10.75  $45
      Canvas 8×10  $50
      Wrapped Canvas 24×24  $340
      Item ID: EMDB-0001-082017

      Artwork  Sentiment & Motivation
      This painting depicts a watercolor picture Flower Day Eastern Market Farmer’s Market SHED 2 of the historic Eastern Market; built back in 1898 making this structure almost 120 years old! SHED 2 is the only last remaining Farmer’s Market SHED left standing from that era. Other sheds of similar old Victorian architecture have been long demolished. SHEDS 1 & 2 was the original construction site of the market; it serves to remind all visitors that the Detroit Eastern Market began at this southern location; SHED 2 is the true “center of it all.”

      In the early days, structures were erected to protect farmers from the weather elements called “SHEDS.” Many visitors today are not aware of the rich history of what this last iconic Eastern Market Detroit structure represents.

      Eastern Market Detroit In Pictures—Capturing the Historic Spirit With Artwork
      These watercolor reproduction pictures are created as a tribute to the Farmers Market. To transfer the ambiance of the market to your home, raise the level of appreciation and educate visitors of the rich history of this century-time-old market place, hence the birth of the… “Spirit of Eastern Market Detroit” art series.

      The one best online art gallery to purchase heart-felt Detroit Eastern Market art prints with rich gallery style look & feel. View entire gallery here…easternmarketart

      These Eastern Market wall art watercolor prints will make a nice gift to any Eastern Market lover.

      3 best new annual flowers of 2018: Gardening with Ms GreenGeek

         Daily – Summer
           Wholesale/Commercial – Early mornings 2 – 6AM
           Consumer 7AM – 7PM
           Saturday Nursery, Garden Flower Sales—hundreds of farmers
         Downtown Detroit
         East of I-75, South of Mack Ave, North of Gratiot
         East of Tigers Stadium (Across the bridge)
      Map Flower Day Parking Eastern Market
      Detroit Eastern Market Age:
      Established: 1891
      Detroit Eastern Market Size
      The market size is estimated between 40 & 45 acres of bustling buying & selling grounds, approx 12-14 acres under sheds & display.
      Flowering Bedding & Vegetable Garden Plants
         Flats, Hanging Baskets, Pots,
         Perennials and Annuals
      Eastern Market Flower Day Main Event
         Flower Day – One week after Flower Day
      Statistically Speaking – Flower Season
         Vendor / Farmer Stalls – 150-200
      Attendees / Visitors
      • Flower Day – Estimated – 200,000-250,000
      • Saturday Visitors – 30-000-50,000
      Traffic / Crowds
      • Heaviest during mornings, 7:00AM – Noon

      Market Characteristics:
      Over 200,000 thousand quick, jittery, some fast walking, other slow walk , then pause and a look down in hypnotic trance.  The Eastern Market is a fast or slow environment depending on the beholder.

      The Michigan Detroit Eastern Market is lined with old breakfast restaurants, bakeries, meat stores and specialty other  shops.

      Eastern Market Flower Day Common Annuals Availability – Top 20
      Dusty Miller
      Sweet Potato
      Bearded Togue
      Blackened Susan
      Blue Speedwell
      Purple Cone Flower
       Parking – Free (Everywhere)
      •     Structure
      •     Streets
      There are ample parking lots, and structures, you can park anywhere that does not obstruct traffic (police turns a blind eye) A typical 3 – 5 minute wait is all the patients you need to garner a prime parking spot.

      Flower Buyers Guide

      First Edition

      detroit eastern market flower buyers guide

      View on Amazon’s website; get the Flower Buyers Guide eBook here.
      Visit the Facebook page Detroit: Eastern Market Flower Buyers Guide.
      Detroit Eastern Market: Latest Detroit Eastern Market update.


      When is Flower Day? – Flower Day is…
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      “With the EMFBG, any price is possible.” —Ike Austin

      It is the change to discover some great garden flower bargains, discounts and deals. It is an opportunity to 2X the flowers you get for you buck!

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