Eastern Market is a new website and companion eBook entitled “Eastern Market Flower Deals.”

This website offers plethora of information on money saving & price lowering tips to consumers on factors affecting gardening prices. It’s focus is on how they can find or negotiate the best bedding plant flowers for the best price during the Eastern Market Flower Day event.

Getting Started
Visit the new site to learn how to start getting the best eastern market flower deals.

Eastern Market
Eastern Market

Eastern Market Center of It All – Open Since 1967.
It’s all about Detroit time honored tradition. The site contains information about eastern market hours, events, parking, flower day, and flower price reduction related information. There are many local farmer’s markets all around metro Detroit, but none rival the downtown eastern market.

How to Save 15 Money Saving Tips
For the past 150 years thousands of flower lovers shopped at Eastern Market for all their garden annuals, perennials, both in flats and hanging baskets. A flat of bedding plants contained a total of 96 plants use to cost only $2.00 back in the day–40 years ago. Over time that plant count and price has slowly changed. Now, an average cost for a flat of flowers is $12 with the majority of bedding plant flats containing only 1-36 cells. But you can learn how to get more bedding plants for your money.

Eastern Market is located in the south east section of the city across the bridge from the Lions stadium. Here you will find the mother of all flower day events in Michigan.

History of Eastern Market
Combine that with it’s rich history of the SHEDS, you can also enjoy many of the restaurants, bakeries, and specialty shops on the share 15 acres of farmers market grounds.

Flower Day
is a national recognized annual event all across the world. But, that’s the traditional flower day. Detroit Eastern Market is unique in that flowerday represent the start of the gardening season and signals the sale of mass buying of bedding plants. Get all the resources to help you save more money on flower day

Summary – Money Saving Tips:
The information is of great benefit to flower shoppers anywhere in Michigan, but especially those located close enough to Eastern Market. The money saving tips found on this website will make it worth the trip.

Additionally, consumers can apply the same tips that work at the market at their favorite big box store, roadside stands and local green houses they visit. 

About the Author:
I have been visiting the market over 50 years and have seen some of the most mazing techniques used to get great flower deals. I share those observation on this website.

What You Will Learn About Buying Flowers at Eastern Market
How to:
a) get better garden flower bedding plant deals
b) enjoy the ambience of the Eastern Market
c) gain advance knowledge on new cultivars