• 26Oct
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    Eastern Market Art Prints – Flower Day

    Eastern Market Art Prints – Flower Day in Detroit depict’s a diversity of activity in great profusion starting at Flower Day. These watercolor reproduction art prints are created as a tribute to the historic Eastern Market & Flower Season.

    By Isabeau Dane Austin – Art Reproduction
    Print Series: The Market’s Gate

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     Eastern Market Art

    Using art to transfer the ambiance of the market into the home, and to raise the level of appreciation of the rich, natural, critical role our Eastern Market contribute’s in sustaining the great State of Michigan’s viability as a sustained regional attraction.  Hence the birth of… “The Market’s Gate” Art Series… an experience captured in pictures. Rekindle the noise, smell, and memories of the Eastern Market.

    By Isabeau D. Austin – Art Reproduction
    Print Title: Market in Detroit
    Medium: Archival Fine Art Paper 100% cotton museum grade
    Printing Method: Giclee – Insures archival longevity  & quality aesthetics
    Method: Watercolor reproduction art prints
    Markings: Signed by Artist
    Limited Editions: 50 hand numbered
    First Release Date: 9-20-17

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